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Along with the property of PE material continuous perfecting and raising, PE pipe are extensively used in gas and water supply, sewage disposal, chemical industry, mine and so on.

  • This machine does not suit for no describing material pipe welded, otherwise it may damage or occur accident.
  • Don’t use the machine in the place of explosive danger.
  • The use of machine Should by skill operator.
  • The machine should be operated on dry area. The protective measures should be adopted when it used in rain or on wet ground.
  • The input power is 220V±10%, 50Hz. If used extend input line, the line must have enough lead section.
  • Using the machine for the first time, please take the no-hole bolt on the oil tank away, instead of hole bolt (you can find it in the accessories bag) .
  • Oil pump motor only could be started when needed, forbid long time running.
  • Please don’t start the machine without connecting the heating plate to the electric socket.

The machine is formed of basic frame, hydraulic unit, heating plate, planing tool and support of the heating plate and planing tool.

Basic Frame

Hydraulic unit

Planning Tool and Heating plate

Instruction for operation.

  1. Check the pipes/fittings to be welded that its diameter and wall thickness or SDR are right. Its surface must be check before welded. If the scratch exceeds 10% of wall thickness, it must be partial cut to use.
  2. Clean the inside and outside surface of pipe end to be welded.
  3. Place the pipes/fittings in inserts of frame, the length of pipes/fittings end to be welded extending out of insert maybe are the same. Another end of pipe Should be support by rollers to reduce friction. Then screw down the screw of clamps to hold the pipes/fitting.
  4. Open the pipes/fittings ends, anti-clockwise turn swing check valve to reduce the pressure to lowest. Put the planing tool into the frame between the pipes/fittings end and switch on, close the pipes/fittings ends by operating the direction valve bar of hydraulic unit and slowly clockwise turning swing check valve until there are have continuous shavings appeared on both ends, put the direction valve bar on middle position and keepa few seconds, then open the frame, switch off the planing tool and remove it out from frame. Then clockwise turn swing check valve to the end. Caution: The shavings thickness can be adjusted by adjusting height of the planing tool blades.
  5. Close the pipes/fitting ends and inspect off-alignment of them. The maximal off-alignment Should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness, it could be improved by adjusted pipe alignment and loosen or tighten the screws of clamps. The gap between two pipe ends Should not exceed 10% of wall thickness. Otherwise the pipes/fittings Should be cut again.
  6. Clear the dust and remained on the heating plate. Caution: Don’t scratch PTFE layer on the surface of heating plate.
  7. Put the heating plate into frame between the pipe ends after the heating plate arrives the required temperature. Close the pipes/fittings ends by operating the direction valve bar and raise the pressure up to its required by pressure regulation valve till the bead has reached correct height.
  8. Anti-clockwise turn swing check valve, reduce the pressure to the value that is sufficient to maintain both ends of the pipes/fittings contacting with heating plate for a length of time required and clockwise turn swing check valve to the end. you can use the timer to count the time, press the button “T2” begin to count and the time will decrease by second zero, then the machine will give an alarm.
  9. Open the frame and take out the heating plate, close two melting ends as quickly as possible.
  10. Keep the bar of direction valve on the close position 2~3 minutes, put the bar of direction valve on middle position and pressing the button (“T5”) until the cooling time is reached, the machine will give an alarm again. Relief the pressure, loose the screw of clamps and take out the jointed pipe.
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